How Does Our Referral Program Work?

When you enter an in-house auto finance agreement with Karma Cars you become automatically eligible for our Karma Referrals program.

Once eligible, all you have to do is refer someone to the program. It’s that simple. If they enter an in-house finance agreement with Karma Cars we will make one full payment towards your in-house finance agreement.

Make a second successful referral and, you got it, Karma Cars will make two full payments. But it gets better; with a third successful referral, Karma Cars will make the remainder of your payments for you!

That’s all it takes. Three successful referrals and Karma Cars will make the payments for the remainder of your agreement and you will take full ownership of your car!

Why Choose Karma Cars?


Saving You Money

Karma Cars Referral program is the car buying experience that pays you back!


Keeping It Simple

Karma Cars alleviates the hassle of the car buying experience, regardless of whether you have less than perfect credit or not.


Real Credit Solutions

Karma Cars offers real credit solutions to help buy a vehicle the right way.


Easy Approval Process

Complete your online application anywhere, anytime and get confirmation of your financial options today.


Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated team of specialists is ready and waiting to offer you a new type of car buying experience

Karma Cars Is Here To Help
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What Makes Karma Cars different?

  • Earn thousands
    We'll Make Your Payments

    Through our Karma Referrals program, you have the opportunity to let us make your payments for you..

  • colour varients
    Any Make, Any Model

    Unlike a 'normal' dealership, we aren't limited by make or model. You tell us what you want and we'll work to find it.

  • Best Loan approval
    Approval In Less Than A Minute

    In less than a minute you can complete your online application and get confirmation of your financial options today.

  • customer service
    Real Financial Experts

    Our team of financial experts will work to get you into a vehicle no matter your current situation.


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